Chicago Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck

Chicago Soft Serve Ice Cream TruckChicago Soft Serve Ice Cream TruckChicago Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck



  • After submitting your inquiry and agreeing to the pricing and terms, we require a deposit to secure a reservation. The deposit is usually $150 and under. We will provide you with your specific deposit amount when you are ready to book.  
  • On the date of your event, the contact person must come out and meet the driver, provide any special instructions (if any), and give the driver the okay to start serving at your event.
  • The customer is responsible for having a reserved parking spot for the ice cream truck.
  • We are not responsible for people coming up to get ice cream who are not a part of your event. It is the customer's responsibility to have someone supervise the crowd. We recommend the ticket idea (you may provide each person with a ticket/coupon/token to provide to the driver in order to receive an ice cream) to avoid any complications.
  • People/employees/guests are known to come back to the ice cream truck for a second or even a third serving. Most hosts do not mind that their people grab more than one ice cream, but for those who do, you are able to provide each person with a ticket if you are on a budget and want to limit each person to one ice cream. As the driver will not be able to remember each person's face and the amount of ice cream they had. We will not be responsible for unsupervised people that get more than one serving.
  • Please note that availability may change at any given moment. Just because we had availability when a quote was given, does not mean that it is guaranteed. The only way to guarantee your reservation is by placing a deposit. Please book as soon as you know you are ready, to guarantee that you get the day and time you want. 
  • Gratuities/tips for a job well done are appreciated by our drivers. 
  • Cancellation Policy:  The deposit is non-refundable if an event is cancelled due to no fault of Chicago Ice Cream Truck. Please make sure you are committed to booking. We are very busy and get many inquiries and have to turn down people that are inquiring about your specific date and time once you book. 
  • Date and Time Change Policy: Choose your serve time wisely. Our trucks are very busy and it is hard for us to make changes because we book events back to back. We will try to accommodate the change, only if we have the availability.
  • Rain/Weather Policy: We have no control over the weather, and the show must go on! Our truck(s) will come out to your event whether it's rain/shine/hot/cold. If you cancel due to the weather, your deposit will be lost.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or call us at (773) 932-2110.